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HealthWise at 5 From 7.19

  • Heart Guideline

The American Heart Association has released new guidelines for preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes. The group recommends that everyone should be screened for risk factors at age 20 and that as a general guideline, men should have a waistline no bigger than 40-inches. For women, the top number is a 35-inch waist, and for the first time, it lists secondhand smoke as a risk factor.

Also, a daily dose of aspirin used to be recommended just for those who have already suffered a Heart Attack or Stroke, now the heart association recommends a baby aspirin a day for patients with a ten-percent or higher risk of heart attack.

  • Anxiety Gene

Feelings of fear and anxiety may not just be in the mind, they may actually be in your genes. New research shows people who have a short version of a gene that helps regulate the brain chemical Serotonin may experience more anxiety. Scientists performed MRI brain scans after showing volunteers pictures of scary subjects. Volunteers with the short Serotonin gene had more activity in the part of the brain that controls fear than those with the long version. Even though environment and other factors play a big role in our emotional make-up, they believe this discovery could lead to more effective screening tools and treatments for people with anxiety and other disorders.

The study is published in the journal Science.  The study was conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health Scientists.

  • Toddler Teeth

This toddler is among a growing trend of young children developing tooth decay. Not because they slept with a bottle as an infant. Parents know now not to do that, but because of a sippy cup. The theory is in the juice. Just like when it sits in a bottle, the juice, over time, can severely damage young teeth tied to that sippy cup. That means little ones as young as three or four are getting root canals, stainless steel fillings, caps and even crowns.

So dentists say parents should regulate sippy cups just like bottles filling them with one part juice and two parts water, and make sure the juice is 100% juice and not just a sugar flavored drink.

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