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Lubbockites Reacts to Alcohol Proposal

Alcohol is on the lips of Lubbockites this Tuesday evening. Monday, NewsChannel 11 told you about a proposal to study zoning laws that keep Lubbock dry, and where alcohol might be sold if those laws change. The City Council will discuss this issue at Thursday's meeting, but citizens are already talking. 

When it comes to the alcohol resolution and whether or not alcohol should be sold inside the city limits, people have mixed views. "I think it's a good thing to have a resolution for alcohol sales," says Crystal Kahlich

"I am a convenience store manager. The alcohol sales inside the city might be good for our business, but it'll bring a lot of crime, which we don't need any more of in Lubbock," says 7-11 convenience store manager Leeann Bowman.

There is one thing people do agree on.  It would be difficult to put the issue on the ballot because of the strenuous petition process. "I would assume that it'd be difficult to get that petition signed considering that it's been this way for so long," said preacher Wes Crawford.

City Council member John Leonard agrees, "When you look at the percentage of people that would need to sign a petition, it's hard to get that many people out to even vote in an election, much less sign a petition."

City Council members Todd Klein, John Leonard, and Jim Gilbreath say to get around the petition process they would like to see state law changed so the council could call an election. "What do the citizens want? The only way to know that is to put it to a vote, and right now we can't put it to a vote because of laws that have been passed to make it hard to do so," said Leonard. 

Despite the council member's views, some Lubbock citizens don't seem to want state law changed. Even some people who want alcohol sold in the city think the petition process is important. "I think that particular petition process for this would be important, but to try to get it changed, state policy or state statute is inappropriate," said Bill Springer, who supports the sale of alcohol inside the city limits.

Council members Linda Deleon and Floyd Price also disagree. They plan to vote against the resolution. "When it comes to the citizens of Lubbock voting, fine. When I vote, and I will have a vote on this, then I'll vote no," said Price.

The resolution will be voted on Thursday's city council meeting. NewsChannel 11 will keep you updated on the outcome.

City Council Member Urges City to Be Prepared for Alcohol Sales
A resolution to examine zoning laws and the possibility of alcohol sales in Lubbock is on the city council's agenda this Thursday.

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