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Tennis for Your Heart

Want to lower your family's risk of heart disease? Teach your kids to play tennis. New research finds that tennis may be the best exercise for your heart.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical School followed more than 1,000 men for more than 20 years. Along with checking their health, the researchers quizzed them on their favorite sports. Those who were tennis players at the beginning of the study were most likely to still be playing the game 20 years later, compared to men who played golf, basketball, or other sports.

The tennis players were also more likely to have a lower risk of heart disease than the rest of the group. The bottom line: tennis players are more likely to continue the sport, and it's the consistency of exercise that keeps the heart healthy.

Golfers came in second in those most likely to continue the game. The study was conducted at Johns Hopkins and is published in the American Journal of Medicine.

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