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Cadets Back on Duty

This time last month, Danielle Clark was pretty upset. After just five days, an unknown illness among the cadets sent everyone home and the program was cancelled. "I mean, I know they're trying to watch out for our health. For the others, it's not fair. All of us want to stay here. We didn't come here to quit," says cadet Danielle Clark.

But on Saturday, it was all smiles for Danielle. She stuck to her word and came back to finish what she started. "I didn't want to stop because they taught us there's no quitters in here," says Clark. "It's important for us to give them the chance to finish this program, and they wanted to," says Fourth Corps Executive Director Linda Smith.

Half of the original class returned on Saturday morning. And for the next four weekends, they'll be busy learning commands, marching techniques, and going through drills. Smith says that by continuing the camp she hopes every cadet learns this important lesson: "A leader does not quit. A leader continues," says Smith. That's exactly what Danielle plans to do.

"I'm not disappointed. As long as I get to finish and do that, so I can try to go for team leader next year," says Clark. When the cadets graduate on August 11th, they will receive a $500 scholarship. Also, Fourth Corps officials said they are still waiting on a final report from the Lubbock Health Department to find out what caused the sickness.

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