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The Feline Frolic: Does It Work?

Our test cat, Lilah, is busy all day long. She eats her treats in the morning and she plays.   Besides the other stuff she does, that's about it. Until now. We've got a product that's going to make frolicking look like fun.  

The Feline Frolic a remote controlled cat exerciser that looks like a cat too. It has a faux mouse on the end of a bobbing wand coming out of the "cats" head.  The wand rotates to entice your cat to go wild. Does it work? Let's see what Lilah thinks.

First, we teased her a bit moving the cat back and fourth on the floor. The cat only moves forward, but there's a button on the remote that lets you spin the cat to face any direction. When the mouse is still, that is when Lilah had her fun.  She chased, batted and pounced all over that mouse that was bobbing on the end of the wand. Lilah even chased the Feline Frolic down the hallway, which rode well on standard carpet. It didn't work as well on shag carpet though.

This product proved to be a success.  Our test cat loved playing with it and we believed she got a workout too.  The Feline Frolic works! Linens and Thing sells this product for $10.

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