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Council Decides Alcohol Resolution

The Lubbock City Council decided to prepare to go wet.  At Thursday morning's meeting the resolution to study zoning laws for the possibility of Lubbock going wet passed four to two.

When you walk down the aisle of your local convenience store you'll see soda, water, energy drinks, but no alcohol. If you want to purchase beer, wine, or hard liquor, you'll have to drive out to the strip.

If Lubbock residents did vote to allow alcohol sales in the city, how readily available would it be? Could you pick up a six pack at a gas station you drive by every day? The resolution approved by the council today should answer that question.

The city's planning and zoning commission will study the city's zoning laws and decide where alcohol could be sold if the laws changed. A majority of the council voted for the resolution because they think the city should be prepared for future changes.

"I think it's far better to have these rules in place, if you were to hold an election and all of a sudden it was approved, what would you do then if you had no rules in place", said City Council member John Leonard.

There is no petition to hold a wet-dry election at this time. If a petition does start you won't see the issue on the ballot until at least 2009.

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