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AAA Report Says Older Drivers Are Dangerous

It's a conversation that no one wants to have with their mom and dad, or any older relative, but a report Thursday says that we need new ways to gently, but definitively, determine when a driver needs to hand over the keys to their car.  The AAA Foundation reports that in the next two decades, one in four drivers will be over the age of 65, and that right now, there is not enough alternative transit to handle them.  AAA predicts that as many as 10,000 people each year could die in accidents if states do not better identify who needs to give up the keys. 

So, AAA wants every state to set up a medical board to help decide who is dangerous behind the wheel and to protect doctors who report patients that they think should not drive.

Peter Kissinger of the AAA Foundation, says, "What happens right now is most physicians are very reluctant to report those individuals because often times they end up being sued for making that report."

Ironically, last year the Rand Corporation found that teens and young adults cause 43% of accidents while seniors were responsible for only about 7%. 

The AAA report says that it is not about age it is about ability.  Their concern is that millions of baby boomers are driving into their golden years when something routine like driving may become more of a challenge.

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