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DPS Warns You To Check Out Door to Door Salesmen

Local authorities are warning citizens to be extra cautious of who is knocking on your door.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Better Business Bureau of the South Plains say they have heard of an alarm system salesmen, claiming to be with the BBB, who could be part of a scam. They want to remind you that businesses with the BBB never go door to door.  

Weldon Wines had an alarm system installed at his house Thursday morning.  The reason, just days earlier he walked in on his house being burglarized. "We heard them leave in the alley and when we walked in they left," said Wines. 

What makes this story strange is two days before his house was broken into, an alarm system salesman came to Wines' door. Wines told him he didn't have an alarm nor did he need one. "I asked who his boss was and he said I'm it or something like that," said Wines. 

Romeyo Kirvin works for Wines and when he heard the story he thought it sounded suspicious.  So he began to keep an eye out for something similar in his neighborhood. "I pulled into the driveway and I noticed there was a guy walking down the street with a clip board in his hand and the first thing that I thought about was Mr. Wines' break-in so I figured I better just watch him and watch his activity to see what he was up to on my street," said Kirvin. 

Kirvin asked his neighbors what the man wanted and they said he was selling alarm systems, so Kirvin called the police. "And the officer came back to me after they had talked to the guy and they said that he had legit paperwork. He had legit paperwork and legit peddling card," said Kirvin. 

Lubbock police tell us they believe it's just coincidence, since this is the only case like this one right now, but Kirvin thinks otherwise. "I don't believe this is a coincidence at all. I believe we do have to be very cautious because there is a lot of elderly people in that neighborhood as well as here in town and I would hate for the burglaries to escalate to a stabbing, shooting, or become any worse than it already has become," said Kirvin. 

Texas Department of Public Safety Corporal John Gonzalez warns the community to make sure door to door salesmen are licensed by the state of Texas and not to give out too much information. "Don't be so evasive like no I don't have a system here and then why don't you come in and let me talk to you.  Get the generic information business cards, paperwork, if they are legitimate companies they are probably going to leave it with you and let you call them back," said Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez says there are a couple websites you can go to check whether or not an alarm company is licensed. To check whether an alarm company is licensed in Texas, (click here). To check whether an installer is licensed in Texas, (click here).

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