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New Research to Prevent Diabetes

More than 16-million Americans have Type-2 Diabetes and that number continues to climb. There is no cure for the disease, but researchers are testing ways to prevent it and treat it. The problem is those studies and developing drugs may take 15 years.

Now, a California company is using this super computer to save valuable time. It performs half a trillion calculations in a second, allowing researchers to run high-speed studies called Biosimulations by using the computer as a virtual patient. "A virtual patient, who isn't really a patient could save time. It may prevent us from going down dead ends and get a drug to the market sooner," says Dr. Bruce Buckingham, a Pediatric Endocrinologist.

"We can shave two to three years off the development time and save an estimated two to three hundred-million-dollars," says Jeff Trimmer, Ph.D. of Entelos, Inc.

Researchers are hoping this technology may someday allow doctors to create tailor-made drugs for patients. But so far, Biosimulation technology has just been used in tandem with two studies. The good news is both times, the computer correctly predicted the outcomes of both of those studies. For more information, (click here).

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