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City Losing Millions Of Gallons Of Water Every Day

According to a new study released Friday, Lubbock loses more than a million gallons of water every day. Lubbock's Water Utilities Department reports the loss is due to water main breaks, malfunctioning water meters, water theft and water seepage from old pipes.            

The study shows Lubbock wastes about 6 percent of its total water usage each day. That amounts to as much as 1.7 million gallons of water across the Hub City and two city councilpersons want something to be done about it. "We lose 1.7 million gallons of water per day in Lubbock Texas and part of it is the old pipes infrastructure that we have," said Councilwoman Linda DeLeon.

DeLeon, along with Councilman Floyd Price, are concerned for the people in their districts and Lubbockites in general. They say Lubbock's water loss is a big problem and they're hoping for public support to expedite the six water main projects across the city.

"The majority of them are in district two which had 77 breaks, District one had 69 and District three had 58," said DeLeon.

The reason being those water mains are the oldest in the city. "Some of the old pipes have been there 40 or 50 years," said Price.

Compared to Districts four and five to the south and west of Lubbock where there have only been 15  breaks since last October, Districts one, two and three, DeLeon and Price say, need help soon.

"Our concern is that we really need to use this as a priority in replacing some of our old infrastructure and try to save the precious water that we need on a daily basis," said DeLeon. Especially because of the Lake Alan Henry Pipeline project coming to town which is expected to be complete by 2012.

Both DeLeon and Price agree, why have a new and improved pipeline if 6 percent of the water could be lost with old infrastructure? "To stop the leakage you've got to replace the pipes," said Price.

The six projects around the city go from North Overton down to 50th Street. Completion of those projects is expected to be between 2009 and 2010.

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