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Lubbock's Water Supply, Is There Enough?

Cool, clean, water.

In West Texas it is common knowledge the clear stuff isn't very abundant. Each gallon of water used is an expensive commodity. And Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin says Lubbockite's need to conserve.

"We want to have a nice looking city but everybody needs to realize they need to cut back and conserve because the problem particularly comes during the summer months," Martin said.

Martin says this year Lubbock is for the most part in the clear and citizens shouldn't be too concerned about water restrictions. But next year could be a very different story.

"Next year is the year that will probably be the make or break year. If Lake Meredith does dry up, the new well-field projects that CRMWA has in Roberts County won't be online until 2010," Martin said.

And that could leave Lubbock dried up until that well-field project is complete.

Another Lubbock water issue was addressed on Friday at a media conference held by city council members Floyd Price and Linda DeLeon. They alerted the public that Lubbock loses 6%, or 1.7 million gallons of water a day due to old pipes. There are currently six projects either underway or in the works to correct that problem. And Martin says there is an upside to that water issue.

"The good news is compared to other city's which have up to 15% water loss, ours is relatively small," Martin said.

But the mayor says the fact remains Lubbockite's need to conserve. They need to be aware and mindful that turning on the faucet or the sprinkler isn't a meaningless task to be taken lightly.

"Here's the bottom line. The days of cheap and plentiful water are over. And cities are going to have to do a better job of encouraging citizens to conserve," added the Mayor.

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