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Authorities Use New Device to Crack Down on Alcohol

In California, to cut down on alcohol use at the beach, officials are trying something new. It is called a passive alcohol-screening device. 

Pat Vergne, a lifeguard in Del Mar, California, says, "So basically, it's designed as a flashlight.  It has a breath analyzer detection system built into it."  He adds that, "Our intent is not to go blanket-to-blanket as far as testing every cup or every glass we see.  Our intent is if we see a large group gathering, you know the standard red cup, party cups.  Then it gives the Ranger the capability of going in, testing if there is alcohol and if not he can move on to other locations."

Instead of testing your breath, officials hold the device over a cup for a few seconds and if there is alcohol in there, the light turns red.  If there is no booze, the light turns green.

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