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911 Call Reveals More About July 10th Attack

The identity of the man accused of taking and trying to sexually assault two Lubbock women is still a mystery.  On Monday, Lubbock Police released a 911 tape from the most recent attack, hoping to find the person responsible.

Monday marked 11 days since the first victim told police she was taken, tased, and then fought her way free.  On July 3rd, the first victim told police she'd accepted a ride home, but the man took her to a parking lot near Joyland Amusement Park and tried to rape her.

Then, seven days later, on July 10th, a second victim told police a man forcefully took her from a convenience store parking lot. She says he drove to 19th and Compress where he tased and tried to sexually assault her.  The locations are close together, less than two miles apart.

The second victim ran six blocks to find help after she escaped her attacker. "As soon as he got me, I was screaming help and trying to open the door, but he was tasing me with the gun," the victim said. 

The victim told police a man took her from the Town and Country on 19th and Avenue O. "I was just buying cigarettes, and he just snatched me when I walked by his car," the victim said. 

She says he took her to a spot near the Lone-Star Amphitheater, where he tried to rape her. The victim escaped, and ran toward 13th Street for help. "I've been running and hiding, because he was chasing me with his vehicle, and so I got on the ground until he left, and I just started screaming 'help, this dude is attacking me', and so he left," the victim said. 

"He had me handcuffed, and I broke the handcuffs, because he was suffocating me. I couldn't breathe, and when I got the handcuffs loose, I just put all my weight against him, and then he tased me on my side with a taser gun, and he had a gun to my head, and then I took off running, and he left," the victim continued. 

Just minutes after her getaway, the victim told police who they need to search for. "He was driving a white, Yukon XL. He was Hispanic; please help me," the victim said. 

Both victims gave police a similar description of their attacker. He is Hispanic, with short, black hair and blue eyes. He is about 6' tall, weighs around 200 lbs., and is known to drive a white SUV.

If you can help police identify this person, you're urged to call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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