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Plainview Man Charged With Kidnapping & Assault

Courtesy: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Courtesy: Lubbock Sheriff's Office

Timothy Shawn Barbian, 33, arrived at the Lubbock County Jail around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. Authorities arrested Barbian in Plainview just after midnight. A Crime Line tip lead police to his parents' home, where they picked him up without incident.

Investigators say Barbian is charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault for attacking two Lubbock women earlier this month. Now, they've identified more, possible victims. Police say Barbian could be responsible for three other attacks this year. That would make five possible victims since July 3rd, and now they believe he could be linked to three attacks from 2006.

"Detectives have so far identified four, possibly five victims in the past few weeks; they're still actively working these cases. Detectives are also actively working to link Mr. Barbian to the three rape cases in 2006. As a result we believe we currently have seven or eight cases against Mr. Barbian, and if more victims can be found or come forward, that number may obviously increase," Lubbock Police Lieutenant Jon Caspell said. 

NewsChannel 11 looked into Barbian's arrest record, and found he was just recently released from prison. In October of 2005 Barbian got out of prison, and then just a year later he went back. That means he would have been out during the same time the 2006 assaults happened. Barbian was released again last month, and police tell us these most recent attacks started on July 3rd.  

NewsChannel 11 is digging deeper into this investigation and Barbian's criminal past.  We'll have the latest on this developing story Tuesday on NewsChannel 11 at 10.

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