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Students Compete at FFA Agriscience Fair

The FFA convention is the largest convention Lubbock has ever hosted. Wednesday, about 175 students from across Texas competed in the state Agriscience Fair.

Nathan Pond and Kaitlyn Schaffner spent lots of time on their agri-science project brainstorming, conducting experiments, and recording results about a new type of freezer technology that freezes faster.

"It lets them see that careers in agriculture are the things that are progressive, and we use technology, and we are cutting edge, so it really gives them insight into the industry that they wouldn't normally gain from other areas," said Event Organizer Todd Brashears.  

The students discovered the new technology could be helpful to the agriculture field by keeping food fresher, but they also found the technology, which they said isn't used in the U.S. yet, could have potential in the medical field as well. "How much it could help, not only with food, but biological - ivers, and how they always have to be like from the hospital to the hospital. You could actually freeze those, thaw them, and have them ready for an individual later," said Pond.

Brashears says the students put a lot of effort into their projects, "Hours and hours. As you look at some of these projects here you realize that these students haven't prepared these in the last two weeks, they've probably been working on them for nine months or so," he said.

Pond and Schaffner say they've been working on their project a little longer. "We've been working on it for the last three years. Just kind of as a building project, and we've put quite a bit into it. It's been a lot of fun though. We learned a lot," said Pond.

They think they'll see the new technology they're studying used in the future.

FFA is announcing the winners Wednesday night at an awards banquet. Each winner receives a $1,000 scholarship, and the chance to compete in the national FFA Agriscience Fair in Indiana this October.

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