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The Open It & Package Shark Pro: Do THEY Work?

This week we're testing the Open It! and Package Shark Pro. Both claim they can cut tough plastic with ease. Just about every Does It Work product I get comes in that tough plastic. It can be really deadly. The funny thing is, even the Open I! and the Package Shark Pro come in that same tough plastic. 

I started with the Open It! because it didn't require a special cutting tool to open it. It was easier to get out of its package. It was interesting, because not only can you cut it, you can screw it, "it's got a little screwdriver on the end," and you can slice it.  For $15 bucks, Does It Work?  

It works like a pair of scissors and it was strong enough to cut through the plastic. I was able to cut the package open no problem!  Although, I did notice it was a challenge at times. "It was a little hard to get these big blades in there to cut this." The straight edge seemed to do a good job too. It was easier to use this for those hard to reach areas. "Oh, nifty gadget on the end!"  

Since the Open It! was all warmed up, I used it to open our next product called the Package Shark Pro. The makers say this little guy opens all hard plastic packages with ease. For $10, Does It Work?  You can slide it to fit different sized packages. I put it on the lowest to open these small packages and that's when I noticed a problem. There was nothing easy about using this product. "This one is more difficult to use. It could be the packaging." So I tried it on a package that had a flatter edge and it worked a lot better.

The Package Shark Pro doesn't have features like the Open It! and I believe you'll be limited on what you can use it on. The Shark is designs much smaller than the other one. I didn't like the Package Shark Pro, but I really liked the Open It! and thought it worked better. Maybe it's because it was designed by a woman!

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