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Lake Meredith Experiences a Rebound

Recent rain events in the Lake Meredith water shed have temporarily abated the decline of water in the lake.  

The inflow of water into Lake Meredith is significant news for the City of Lubbock since the lake's low levels have caused the City to evaluate the use of alternate water sources sooner than expected.

As of July 8, 2008, over 10,000 acre-feet (3.25 billion gallons) of water have passed the lake's inflow gauging station.  Since Sunday, the lake has risen almost 10-inches.  The lake continues to rise at a rate of approximately 1/8-inch per hour.  The inflow of water is significant for Lake Meredith since it has received less than 6,900 acre-feet in the last seven months. 

Even though the lake is experiencing a slight rebound in water levels (approximately one foot), it is important to keep the water supply situation in perspective.  Just three years ago the lake level was at 67 feet.  The current lake level is approximately 46 feet. 

The Assistant Director of Water Utilities for the City of Lubbock, Aubrey Spear, indicates that "Although the one foot of additional water is a step in the right direction, much more rain will be needed to reverse the downward trend in this water supply for the City of Lubbock.  Lubbock citizens must continue to be vigilant in their water conservation to ensure that Lubbock has water for decades to come."

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