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Mayor Says There are Exceptions to Street Re-naming Ordinance

Unless you travel near the airport you might not know there is a $54 million, 25-year project underway.

It's the Lubbock Business Park at Yucca Lane and I-27.  Mayor Tom Martin says the Lubbock Business Park could potentially bring several thousand jobs to the South Plains within the next five years, but there is some controversy with the park and Lubbock City Council.

Back in May a street renaming task force committee presented an ordinance that passed with guidelines to rename Lubbock streets. Right now the Lubbock Business Park is on Yucca Lane, and it is on the agenda for the next city council meeting to change the street name to Lubbock Business Park Boulevard.

The mayor asked for this to be put on the agenda as a request from LEDA, who is developing this area, but some people say changing the street name would not be following the ordinance. 

Buildings are going up quickly as Lubbock Business Park starts to come together.  When it is finished it will be about a mile long and a mile wide.  Mayor Tom Martin says it should have its own street name.    

"This section through the business park would be named as Lubbock Park Blvd.  The rest of Yucca Lane to the west of the interstate will remain Yucca Lane," said Martin.

The mayor says there are no intentions of changing the rest of Yucca Lane, just where it runs inside the business park, but Martin says there is an exception to the street renaming ordinance. 

"The exception means that all potential streets in Lubbock have a name that carries through one side of the city to the other and to change that policy the council under the ordinance has the authority to change that exception for pieces of the street or an entire street if we want to rename it.  In this case we are only dealing with the section that is in the business part," Martin.    

Martin says the ordinance that was originally passed dealt with the issue of naming streets for individuals.

"This is a little different. This is a city economic development project. It evolves a street that is not only a street but it's on property that the city and the economic development alliance purchased.  It's a little different situation," said Martin.

But city councilwoman Linda DeLeon believes everyone should follow the same rules to change a street name. 

"It says any individual coming forward has a procedure to follow.  It doesn't matter whether it's the council or anyone else otherwise than why have rules. That we're above everybody else?" said DeLeon. 

But Martin disagrees.  He says the council has the authority to make exceptions to the street re-naming ordinance.

 "This is a unique case and there is provision in the city ordinance even with that recent name change ordinance that gives us the flexibility to do a project like this," said Martin. 

Martin says this will be brought up at Tuesday's city council meeting and he fully expects it to be approved and adopted by the council. For Your Cell Phone
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