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HealthWise at 5 for 7.18

  • Second Hand TV

Have you ever listened to second hand TV?  That is when the TV's on but nobody is really watching.  A new study from the University of Massachusetts says kids do not have to be in front of a television to feel its distracting effects.  The study of 50 toddlers showed that background TV noise was distracting enough that it disrupted every kind of activity, even playtime for the toddlers.

The study suggests even second hand TV should be limited.  In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV until a child is two years old.

  • The Best Way to Cook Veggies

Researchers at Harvard have made dinner a science to determine how we can get the most out of our vegetables.  They have determined that you get more nutrients if you microwave veggies instead of boiling them.  The theory is that microwave energy targets water molecules in food, heating them fast from the inside out.  Boiling, on the other hand, heats slowly- allowing more time for vitamins to degenerate.

  • Infant Stroke

Most adults have been taught how to spot symptoms of stroke.  But did you know that it could happen to an infant?  Usually occurring within the first 2 months of life, one in every 4000 infants will suffer from a stroke.  When it happens, it does not look the same as it does in adults.

That is why the American Heart Association has just issued its first statement on identifying an infant with a stroke.  The AHA says the first sign is often a seizure in one arm or leg.  There's a long list of reasons why it could happen - from trouble during the mother's pregnancy to dehydration in the child.  But, just like adults, the AHA says a healthy diet and exercise is the best way to help prevent stroke in children.

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