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Igia Pore Cleanser: Does It Work?

Stop fretting over dirty skin because now there is a device called Igia Pore Cleanser that gets the dirt out of pores which help prevent breakouts, but does it work? Part of Karen Ford's daily job is giving facials and with her expertise, she can tell us if this good to be true product is just another no-go gadget.

The directions say to practice on your hand before actually taking the product to the face. With this product, you also get a dual piece which resembles different sizes of suction cups. One side is used on your face, the other for your nose. "I'm going to put some cleanser on your nose and around your cheek area," Karen tells me.

Karen squeezes our the sponge and rinsed out my face. "I'm going to start out on the right side of your nose first. Says to apply it and life with a flicking motion of your wrist and to not leave it in one spot for very long," says Karen.

What happens? Well, the instructions say it can bruise your skin causing you to get a little purple circles. "It is hard to describe what the Igia Pore Cleanser feels like, but it did tickle a little bit," I said.

"How are you supposed to tell if it's working?" I asked Karen. "You're supposed to see a visible change with the pore itself but I'm not seeing anything being lifted," Karen said.

So, I double checked the nose piece and couldn't find anything inside the suction cup. Karen flipped the piece and proceeded to use the pore cleanser on my face.

"If I was a consumer, I wouldn't really want to spend my money on it because I don't see that it's taking anything out," Karen said.

So basically, it doesn't work.

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