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Lubbock Business Community Weighs In on Alcohol Sales

A few weeks ago NewsChannel 11 told you the Lubbock City Council and people in the community were split on the issue of alcohol sales in the city.

Now, the business community weighs in. The Chamber of Commerce surveyed its members about their opinion on alcohol sales in the city. So far, their response shows they are not split on the issue. "I think the business members of the chamber have a real good idea of what they want to see happen in our community when it comes to the business interests," said Chamber of Commerce President Eddie McBride.

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce sent a survey to its members asking their opinion on creating an alcohol petition and if the chamber should support it. "It has been an overwhelming response, we've had 25 percent response rate since Thursday night, which is probably one of the fastest and tremendous amount of response we've had for a survey since I've been here," said McBride.

Almost 1,000 members responded, most with similar opinions. "What it means is that our membership both thinks that a petition drive is necessary and an alcohol sales election should be done, and right now it looks like their support for the chamber involvement is there as well. It doesn't determine exactly what involvement that would be, we could merely support it by making a public announcement in support of it or if the board decides to support it from a leadership perspective, we'd participate in a support fashion, probably sending both staff support as well as volunteer leadership to do a petition drive as well as a campaign to help the sales election," said McBride.

Joe Keller is the exception to the alcohol rule. He owns the Triple J Chophouse, and since they brew their own beer, they can sell it to go. "A good percentage of our business is beer to go," says Keller.

He thinks alcohol sales in the city could hurt his business, but he would support the chamber if they decide to support a petition. Keller said, "If the chamber thinks it's good for the city, I think, you know, I'd get behind them."

The Chamber of Commerce has not decided what they will do with the survey results yet. McBride said he hopes to take the results to the executive committee by the end of the week, and they will decide what to do from there

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