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Car Burglaries On the Rise At a Specific Summer Hot Spot

Lubbock Police say car burglaries are up nearly 2000% in a popular summer hot spot.  Legacy Play Village and Western Little League baseball fields seem to be the target for summer break-ins this year. 

Police tell us, since May there have been 15 to 20 car break-ins in that area. The Crime Analysis Department says that number is up from last year's zero break-ins during the same summer months.

Broken glass is scattered all over the parking lots of Legacy Play Village and the Western Little League baseball fields.  And what are these thieves targeting? "Purses seem to be the predominant item of their choice," said Sgt. Mark Watkins.

Julia Argila went to the ball park to watch her grandson play baseball, and she didn't want to carry her purse with her. "My purse was under the backseat, so I put it under the back seat which I know I shouldn't have done, but I had some money in there and I didn't want to lose it," said Argila. 

Ironically Argila was parked in the first handicap spot in the lot, but that didn't stop thieves from smashing out her passenger window and taking her purse, which had money, her cell phone and prescription medicines. "They have my address and I had to change my locks on my door.  I could not sleep because I was scared they knew where I lived and they had my extra keys," said Argila.    

Watkins says not to leave your purse or any valuables in the car, even if you hide them. "If the burglar has been watching and they see them come out with a purse and then see them stick it under there, they know it's there so they are going to try to take it," said Watkins. 

Dannielle Kilborn was playing at Legacy Play Village with her grandchildren Monday. After hearing about the many break-ins, she went and got her purse out of her car. "I should have known better, but I didn't think about it, because like I said I thought it would be safe. I would hate to think about somebody doing that in a place like this," said Kilborn.   

Watkins says the LPD is keeping eye on at least two suspects in this case, who they believe are responsible for many other break-ins in the area. In addition, a camera was installed last year to help prevent vandalism at Legacy Play Village and authorities want "would-be car burglars" to know that these cameras are out there, they are monitoring the parking lot, and they can be used catch thieves. For Your Cell Phone
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