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What Do Lubbockites Think About the DPS Publishing Sex Offender Work Information?

The federal government has given states until July of next year to comply with tougher sex offender registration requirements. One requirement we know of is controversial. It wants states to publish the names, and addresses (state's discretion) of where sex offenders work. 

We know the Texas Department of Public Safety is working to publish this information on their website. Last Thursday, we showed you the information we got from DPS and told you where some sex offenders work. We learned a majority of them hold jobs in warehouses, but we found some in restaurants and some who even come to your home.

After our story aired last week, we heard from some of you who agree this information should be available and the public has a right to know. Then there were others who were against publishing this information saying it is hard enough for sex offenders to get their lives back together without everyone knowing where they work. 

So we hit the streets to get a better idea of how folks around here feel about the issue. "Is this fair information?," NewsChannel 11 asked.

  • "Absolutely. Why, it's open information.The courts, like bankruptcy, is in the newspaper. Absolutely. I'd want to know ifI were going into a business and there was someone there I didn't feel like was safe," replied one man.
  • "Yes I do. To protect the children," said one woman.
  • "If they're not in a sensitive area where they're dealing with children then there may be times we don't need to know that information; where they are working. There might be people that would take it too far in harassing them," answered another woman.

Now we want to know what you think. The Texas Department of Public Safety has decided to publish the workplaces of registered sex offenders. Do you agree with this decision? Take our poll at the top of this story and we'll reveal the results later on this week.

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