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Consider This... Hotel Names Should Be Public

Last week, Lubbock hosted the annual Texas FFA convention. The success of this event is thanks in part to the hospitality shown to our guest from visit Lubbock, Texas Tech, and the entire community.

Having said that, the chances of them coming back is down after hundreds of FFA'ers were left without hotels rooms. We're told the contracts were not honored by a few hotels. Fortunately, Visit Lubbock did the right thing by spending hotel/motel tax money to accommodate the students at the last minute.  But if you saw NewsChannel 11 last week, the problem didn't go unnoticed by FFA officials.

So what happened? My guess is these hotels followed their standard practice of overbooking guests so they could charge higher rates. We'll that practice has cost Lubbock.  This issue has damaged our reputation and hurt our chances with future conventions, and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Consider this, Visit Lubbock and the Lubbock hotel/motel association should publically identify these few hotels and call on them to apologize to this community and, more importantly, to the hundreds of FFA students that were treated unfairly.

It didn't have to happen and Lubbock citizens have a right to know who is really for Lubbock and who is not.

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