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Hundreds Show Up to Voice Concern About a Proposed Site for Lubbock's New Animal Shelter

It was standing room only at the Garden and Arts Center Monday night as hundreds of Hub City residents voiced their concern about a proposed location for Lubbock's new animal shelter.

"I am opposed to the animal shelter being put in the middle of a beautiful park. I'm opposed to it being put in your neighborhood, in my district," Lubbock City Councilman Floyd Price told the crowd. "So I want you to go home knowing that your councilman is behind you 100 percent."

The city approved McAllister Park, off of Milwaukee, as the site for the new building. But there are some city leaders who say the shelter should have a more central location.

Now there's word it could move to Clapp Park near 46th and Avenue U.

But citizens from that neighborhood say they don't want it:

"We want to thank the council people for coming out because they were able to allow us to express our views and to express that we do not want the animal shelter in this area." Said one concerned citizen

"I know that I am just a kid, but we play at the park, and we don't want them to build that animal shelter at the park." Said another

"This is a bad location," Lubbock City Councilwoman Linda DeLeon said. "It's not central. It's not visible to the general public. It needs to go where the committee had said it needed to be which is McAllister Park because of all the open space, all the retail, Milwaukee, the Marsha Sharp Freeway. It's the ideal location. We don't want an animal shelter at Clapp Park. So that's important that we show a united front. And we're hoping the message was strong (Monday) by the attendance. I have over 1,000 post cards signed by individuals against this location."

"We're going to have to find a location to put the animal shelter somewhere. We know it's not going to be here," Price said.

DeLeon, who organized the meeting, says she will take this to the rest of the council for discussion.

The city council approved $3.4 million for the new shelter. City officials say, after further research - more money is needed.

Estimates for a new shelter are approximately $6 million.

The new facility would be approximately 25,000 square feet and would hold about 200 dogs and 100 cats.

NewsChannel 11 will continue to follow this story and bring you the developments.

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