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New Device Making Dental Visits Less Painful

You know the routine, a dental technician puts some cardboard in your mouth, and leaves the room to flip a switch and take X-Rays of your mouth. All that is changing a little now that dentistry is going digital. That means instead a special sensor is placed in the mouth and instantly digital images of the teeth show up on a computer screen

"Digital X-Rays are definitely very beneficial to the patient because they get 70% less radiation than they would get from conventional dental X-Rays," says Dr. Mark Forrest, a Periodontist.

"Well usually with traditional X-Rays it tends to be uncomfortable, the films tend to stick you in places in your mouth that tends to be uncomfortable, and this I noticed nothing really stuck me and it is very comfortable," says Sunny Surloff, a dental patient.

The digital images can be enlarged, even colorized. Plus, there is no need for a dark room or developing time. If the patient needs a copy to take home it can be printed up in a matter of seconds. The Dexis Dental System is approved by the American Dental Association.

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