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Texas Coverage 7.25

Americans already fighting the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan are about to get some help. 60 Marines left Thursday from the Naval Air Station in Ft. Worth. The crew will go on a 90 day rotation, but they say the war will probably last much longer. These troops are part of "Squadron 234 Detachment Alpha." They have been on active duty since January. They'll join other members of the squadron already stationed overseas.

In Ft. Worth a 22-year-old TCU football player was behind bars Thursday night in connection with the death of his girlfriend's baby. Police say Frank Montgomery was baby-sitting his girlfriend's 16- month-old daughter Thursday. Montgomery told police he found her unconscious and tried to revive her. The baby died the next day of blunt force trauma to the head. TCU suspended Montgomery, and he has been kicked off the football team. He could face capital murder charges.

In Houston, a woman is in police custody, accused of running over and killing her husband after learning he was cheating on her. With her new Mercedes Benz, the distraught woman allegedly rolled her tires over her husband several times. Nassau Bay police say Clara Harris and her husband were fighting in the parking lot of a hotel. That's when they say Harris got into her car, with her 16-year-old daughter in it, and went after her husband. Clara Harris has been charged with first degree murder.

Construction workers in Stinnett, north of Amarillo, came across some very old remains Thursday. Archaeologists say they are the bones of a pre-historic bison, dating back more than 10,000 years. The remains could provide details on how people lived 10,000 years ago.

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