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Xcel Energy Alert: Customers Asked To Conserve

The request to conserve power is growing, as Xcel upgrades an energy alert. More than 350,000 Xcel Energy customers are asked to cut-back Tuesday night. Unplanned maintenance at two facilities is taking longer than expected. With those plants off-line, Xcel's capacity is taking a hit.

They hope to bring both facilities back on-line by Wednesday. Right now, crews are working on power plants near Muleshoe and Amarillo. Xcel asked folks to conserve Monday, hoping to have those plants on-line by Tuesday. Now, they've upgraded their alert.

They're asking customers to hold off on doing laundry, running the dish-washer and other activities that use extra-energy until at least eight 8 p.m. Tuesday night.  They're also asking people to raise their thermostat, to cut-back on air conditioning usage.

"We're anticipating one of the plants to be coming back online late this evening or Tuesday night, and hopefully the second plant will come back at some point Wednesday. So, we're anticipating that the depth of this appeal today will just be restricted to today," Xcel Energy Account Manager Preston Langford said. 

With more hot days ahead, Xcel is also asking folks to conserve through the rest of the week to help the strain on their power grid. A new power plant near Hobbs, NM should also help ease some of that strain.

We'll have the latest on this energy alert, and more about the new power plant on NewsChannel 11 at 10.

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