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Lubbock Residents Oppose Possible Location of Animal Shelter

Lubbock residents made their voices heard to the City Council Tuesday. They spoke out against the possible building of an animal shelter at Clapp Park.

Romero Rivera said, "I'm also a resident at Clapp Park close to the proposal site. I grew up in that neighborhood and my kids grew up here and now my grandkids, I'm raising them right now, and I don't feel is an appropriate place for an animal shelter."

The comments at the City Council meeting come after Council Member Linda DeLeon held a protest rally at Clapp Park Monday night. "We had a tremendous turnout last night, close to 300 people showed up. It was awfully hot in that building," DeLeon said. 

Sally Cantu is a concerned citizen who can see Clapp Park from her front yard. She said, "I'm against it big time. The thing is this is residential. They're taking parks away from my children. These children look forward to going over there and playing in the afternoon and during the day. What are they going to do, go play at the dog pound? Come on guys, let's be real."

Cantu hopes the council will take that into consideration when choosing a location for the new shelter.

City Council hasn't put the Clapp Park initiative on their agenda yet, but DeLeon says it may be soon, "We may be placing it on the agenda for the entire council to discuss at the next city council meeting."

The city approved building the shelter at McAlister Park. However, Clapp Park was proposed as a possible site because some believe the shelter should be built at a more central location.

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City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances - Chapter 4
Chapter 4 of the City's Code of Ordinances covers animals.

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