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Efforts To Catch Thomas Crumpler Grow

Thomas Crumpler remains in hiding. He's been a fugitive from the law since 2001. That's when investigators say he provided alcohol and pornography to a group of teenage boys, and allegedly performed a sexual act on one of them.

Crumpler is the first suspect we put on NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted wall back in February. Investigators received information he could be hiding out in Ohio or the East Coast, so we've teamed up with our Raycom Media sister stations in those areas so they can broadcast his picture and help bring Crumpler to justice.

"Granted, this guy hasn't had his day in court, but he's certainly been accused of it, and there's been nothing to prove otherwise," Lubbock County Sheriff's Major Don Carter said. 

The search for now 43-year-old Thomas Crumpler began in February 2001. That's when investigators say Crumpler, a former high school band teacher at Lubbock-Cooper and Coronado High Schools, befriended at least three teenage boys. He allegedly gave them alcohol, watched pornographic videos, and masturbated in front of them. One witness says Crumpler performed oral sex on another juvenile.

When police were alerted, Crumpler disappeared. "So far, we've had minimal success and we're just trying to get some information out so that we can get more leads," Carter said. 

Crumpler's case was the focus of a NewsChannel 11 Investigation, and was broadcast on America's Most Wanted radio. "He's obviously been on the wanted page for a long time; this is somebody that we're very interested in trying to find," Carter said. 

NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted started with Crumpler's case back in February of this year.

"There is an indication that Ohio may be a place to look.  There was some indication about the East Coast, and so far nothing has panned out. This guy almost seems like he disappeared off the face of the earth," Carter said. 

Now, NewsChannel 11 is taking it further, working with our Raycom Media partners in Ohio and down the east coast, to show Crumpler's face to as many people as possible, so he can't hide any longer.

"There's a chance, even in Lubbock, there may be somebody that remembers some information. They might remember some tie, even to some other state. So, that's the type of information our investigators would welcome," Carter said. 

Investigators say that child predators don't typically just stop, so that's another concern and another reason why they want to find Thomas Crumpler. If you can help authorities find him call the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office at (806) 775-1400.

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