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HealthWise at 5 From 7.26

  • Carelink

A new heart monitoring system may eliminate some doctor visits. The Medtronic Carelink Network claims to be the industry's first internet-based service for doctors and cardiac device patients. The technology allows patients to gather or send information by simply holding an antenna over an implanted device. The findings are then transmitted through a standard telephone line for review by doctors or nurses. The up to the minute monitoring service can eliminate unwarranted emergency room and office visits and also provides patients with a website for accessing medical information.

  • What are Your Chances of Kicking the Habit

Seventy percent of smokers say they want to quit but according to a new study from the Centers of Disease Control, the success rate depends on education, income and race. Less than half of high school dropouts were able to quit successfully, compared to 64% of college graduates and 74% of people with graduate degrees. Only 33% of smokers below the poverty line were able to quit. While half the people at or above the poverty line managed to kick the habit. And, while 51% of whites were able to give up smoking. The numbers were 37% for Blacks, 43% for Hispanics and 45% of Asian-Americans. The CDC says the high cost of anti-smoking medication and unequal access to high-quality health care is to blame for the gaps in successful quitting.

  • Pre-Diabetes Warning

More than 16 million Americans suffer from Diabetes, but just as many have a condition known as Pre-Diabetes. The condition also known as impaired glucose tolerance, occurs when the boy is only partially able to adequately control blood glucose. Researchers at the University of Michigan health system say long-term damage can occur if this condition is not diagnosed and treated. Signs that you might be at risk for Pre-Diabetres include having a beer belly or an apple body shape.

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