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Scientist Warns of Cell Phone Cancer Risk

A cancer researcher in Pennsylvania is getting a lot of attention by going against the norm by saying the public should protect themselves, just in case cell phones are linked to brain cancer.

Most scientists, the World Health Organization, the FDA, and the American Cancer Society have all gone on record saying that there is no proven link.  However, because questions still linger, one scientist at the University of Pittsburgh says that after consulting 21 experts around the world there is enough doubt to warn the public to use precautions.

Some of those precautions are: 

  • use headsets,
  • keep calls short,
  • switch ears,
  • do not keep phones in your pocket, and
  • never let children use them, except in emergencies.

Dr. Ronald Herberman, MD, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute says, "This could potentially contribute to increased risk for developing brain tumors particularly the area of the brain close to ear."

The cell phone industry argues that some scientists are scaring the public for no good reason.  They claim that the few small studies that link cell phones to brain cancer are flawed because they show no clear evidence that the side of the brain where the tumor is located is the same side the patient most often used a cell phone.

Even so, researchers at the University of Pttsburgh suggest that users play it safe and avoid over-exposure to cell phones.

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