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More Families Turning to Food Bank to Help Make Ends Meet

More than ever, families on the South Plains are struggling to put food on the table.  It is no surprise the high price of gas and virtually everything is causing people to look for helpful resources. "You got to have your lights, you got to have your telephone, you've got to eat, and you've got to have your gas, don't forget that," said Brenda Smith who goes to the food bank.   

Brenda is a grandmother whose number one priority is taking care of her two grandsons, which she says doesn't always come easy. "I go to the food bank at least once a month," says Smith. 

Brenda moved to Lubbock three years ago, after her life in Louisiana was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  Since that time everyday life has been tough. "I couldn't even drive my car, my pastor, my neighbor; he brought me because I didn't even have gas to get here."

Pastor Christopher Moore has seen families struggling to get by.  "I was taking out the trash today and I had seen them and asked them what they were doing and they said well we are kind of having some problems we don't have gas to go get food so I put behind what I had planned today."

Smith isn't the only one needing help this summer.  The South Plains Food Bank has seen a dramatic increase these last few months.  "We're here for them. I mean we want to be here for them and they are not alone.  There are a lot of families that we have never seen before that this is the first time they are coming to the food bank," says the Director of Development at the South Plains Food Bank Lyn Garcia.   

Since May, Garcia has seen a 27% increase in the number of customers at the food bank.  She says numbers go up every summer, but usually just by about 7%.  "These are families that are doing everything right.  They are playing by the rules.  They are going to work every day, but at the end of the month they just can't make it," said Garcia.

"I don't abuse it.  I don't get much money a month, but I go because I have to, and it's a blessing and I thank them and I appreciate it," said Smith. 

If you need the food bank's help all you have to do is dial 211 on your phone, and they will help you get set up.

For every donated dollar that will pay for seven meals.  There are several options on how to make a donation.  You can bring food to the South Plains Food Bank, make a donation by phone or online.  There is even a virtual store, where you can you pick out food to donate.

Just go to: to make your donation.

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