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Shallowater House Fire Pushes Firefighters

Shortly after 3 p.m. on Friday firefighters were called out to a house fire two miles west of Shallowater. Fire officials say by the time they arrived, the house was fully engulfed in flames."It was so far away from any water source that we had to call lots of departments out to get the water and put it out," says Mackie Buck, Shallowater Fire Chief.

This wasn't their first trip out there. "There was a small grass fire that started earlier this morning some time from the same cans and that was extinguished and we were called back at 3:15," says Buck. Then a couple hours later, the house went up in flames, and just when they thought it was over the flames reignited just before 8 o'clock.

The West Texas heat took at toll on the firefighters, one man was treated for heat exhaustion on the scene, and later released. "When you're wearing all the gear and everything and you're exposed to the 1800 degree heat in the building you get really hot."

Rescue teams from Abernathy, New Deal, Shallowater, and West Carlise battled the massive blaze. No one was injured and fire officials say the house is a total loss. The family was able to salvage some furniture, clothes, and pictures.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Officials do say gunpowder near the house caused the blaze to spread so quickly. The family already had plans to move into another home in the same area. Still, they will continue to get help from the American Red Cross.

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