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HealthWise at 5 From 7.29

  • Surgery on Pocket PC's

Soon doctors everywhere will be able to share patient information, consult and even watch and hear live surgery on their wireless PC's. The HP Ipaq Pocket PC makes it easier for students who cannot attend lectures or procedures in the OR. The device also lets students call up archived teaching materials. Future plans for the pocket PC include two-way audio transmissions so students can ask surgeons questions.

  • Sleep and Cancer

Want to cut your cancer risk? Try getting a good night's sleep. European researchers suggest sticking to normal sleep patterns and not disrupting your body clock. They focused on a group of mice, half of which had their brains altered to disrupt their natural sleep rhythms. Researchers found that implanted tumors grew to two to three times faster in the mice with faulty body clocks. Researchers suspect the part of the brain that sleep affects the body's immune system and hormones.

  • Elderly Exercise

Exercising is a good idea at any age, but now researchers at Ball State University say it can also help seniors remain independent. They say older adults need to work out to maintain muscle strength which can help avoid injuries and hospital stays. The exercise does not need to be strenuous, instead low-volume resistance training can counter the natural decline in muscle strength and size. The bottom line is if seniors keep on their feet, they may not fall victim to a fall.

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