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HealthWise at 5 for 7.25

  • Heart Attack Diagnosis at the ER

Researchers at Wake Forest University looked at data collected on over 4000 patients who went to the ER with heart attack symptoms.  Each time, doctors wrote down their initial impressions. They found over 2/3 of doctors correctly diagnosed a patient as having a heart attack even before lab results were in. Half the time, they also correctly identified patients who had symptoms but were not having a heart attack.

  • Love Your Fat

A lot of folks spend a lifetime trying to get rid of fat, but it turns out that fat may be the answer to others trying to secure a lifetime.  Members of the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons studied the stem cell content of fat removed during liposuction from 23 women.  They found that fat from the lower abdomen and inner thighs was packed with adult stem cells.  These cells are under study as potential treatments for breast cancer, heart failure, and spinal cord injuries. Surprisingly, they found that among all the areas they took fat cells, including the tummy, the thigh and hips, the richest area of stem cells was taken from lower abdominal fat.

  • Soy May Effect Sperm Count

Eating foods high in soy may lower a man's sperm count.  Researchers studied nearly 100 men who visited a fertility clinic, and asked them what they had eaten over the past three months.  They found those who ate the most soy (about one cup of soymilk or one serving of tofu every other day) had roughly 41 million fewer sperm than men who did not eat soy at all. Researchers are not sure why soy appears to affect sperm count but suspect soy's estrogen-like compounds could play a role.

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