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Study Shows Plastic Surgery Increases in Hard Economic Times

Most people are cutting back on luxuries to pay for the high cost of gas and other expenses, but despite hard economic times, new research indicates that Americans are not cutting back on cosmetic surgery. 

A study by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that almost 63% of their doctors are maintaining a consistent volume of work, which includes laser procedures, facial fillers, and Botox.  Thirty-two percent of doctors say they have actually seen an increase by up to 30% in recent months.

The doctors' theory is that, especially among those who have lost jobs, there is the desire to look for new work with a new look and many over the age of 40 are using their severance pay to buy a younger look.

Cosmetic eye surgeon Daniel Townsend, M.D., says, "There's a lot of women and men in that age group that would like to look good, to look refreshed, they would like to look age appropriate so that they can compete for those jobs that they want to have".  Moreover, Mathew Avram, M.D., a dermatologist, adds, "Contrary to our expectations we've became about 20% more busy in the past year as the economy has deteriorated."

Dr. Avram says patients tell him that while they are looking for work they have more free time for recovery. They also say that they hope that a more youthful appearance will give them the edge in a tough business market.

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