Texas Tech Lineman Rylan Reed Bench Presses 625

With a season full of anticipation for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, offensive tackle Rylan Reed gave just a taste of what's to come. With Red Raider teammates and coaches surrounding him, Reed broke his own Texas Tech bench press record of 565 pounds on Monday, raising the bar to 625 pounds.

"Just stack on all the kids, the dog, the couch your sitting on, put it on a bar and that is about it," according to strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie.

Coming off an injury for the Gator Bowl, Reed and Wylie set the goal at the beginning of the summer. "It's kind of a big deal to me, you know, since after the injury I told myself I wanted to come back better, stronger and I didn't want it to affect this year," said Reed.

Reed and Wylie stated they wanted 600 pounds, but after Reed benched 575 pounds with ease, both wanted to send a message. "There's no way that we were only going to hit six, you know, we don't want to just beat people this year, we want to blow them out of the water," said Wylie.  "Just to hit 600 would be just to beat people, we want to blow them out of the water every chance we can."

Reed added, "It lets us know that last year is not good enough.  Just keep getting better and better, keep improving every day.  That is what we have been doing ever since the Gator Bowl."

The Red Raiders report to camp on August 4th with opening game of the 2008 season at Jones AT&T Stadium against Eastern Washington on August 30th.