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Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum: A Trip Back in Time

When Joe Taylor is not traveling the world uncovering dinosaur bones, he is inside the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, restoring parts of 12 different dinosaurs. Taylor found a tooth belonging to a T-Rex in May from an excavation site near Glen Dive Montana, and he also found another bone. "Either a Velociraptor toe bone, or we're going to see if it's the finger of a bone to the T-Rex," said Taylor.

During another dig a couple of years ago in Colorado, Taylor found leg bones belonging to a 14 foot tall dinosaur called a Diplodocus.

Scientists believe the Diplodocus existed at least 140 million years ago, but Taylor says there is not enough evidence to support that theory. "I don't believe any of it is over 6,000 years old. I don't think there's any evidence to support millions of years ago because uranium and carbon dating are suspect and many scientists say it's not dependable," said Taylor.

Because many of the bones he has found are in such good shape, Taylor believes the dinosaurs were suddenly buried alive in mud-slides during the great flood. "My beliefs are not from reading creation books. This is from digging in the dirt," said Taylor.

Taylor knows many scientists would disagree with him. They say dinosaurs existed at least 65 million years ago. But, as long as Taylor keeps digging, he is determined to leave an imprint on his field and hopes to one day uncover the truth.

In August, Joe Taylor will return to Glen Dive, Montana to continue his work uncovering the bones of a T-Rex. To learn more about the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, you can (click here). The fossil museum in Crosbyton has more than 6,000 visitors each year.

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