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Consider This... Bravo! Full FFA Report Disclosed

Last week I called on Visit Lubbock and the Hotel Motel Association to name the hotels responsible for the recent fiasco during the FFA convention in Lubbock.

You'll recall contracts were broken by these hotels, forcing Visit Lubbock to find and pay for new rooms for about 500 folks - a situation that should have never happened during the biggest convention of the year.

I was proud to see that on Friday, not only did our Lubbock officials do the right thing by calling a news conference and making everything public, they took steps to recover $15,000 of tax money spent on re-locating everyone.

I don't know what happened leading up to the decision to disclose the entire situation, but consider this, taxing entities so often make the mistake of keeping information from the people who pay their salaries. In this case, they got it right.

Gary Lawrence, CEO of Lubbock's Economic Development Alliance (LEDA), led the charge and called these hotels out for what they did. "When you honor and tell people you'll have a room for them at a certain date, and then you book it again, that's what I've called, for years, double booking. And I think that is embarrassing to us, and certainly it is embarrassing to the city of Lubbock," said Lawrence.

No excuses were made for the hotels and now progress is being made to keep it from happening again. So thank you to LEDA and Visit Lubbock for giving the community the whole story.

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