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Getting Ready For Back to School

The start of school is just around the corner. When you go to the grocery store you're starting to see back packs and lunch boxes, but there is more to think about than school supplies. Parents have a little bit of homework to do before their kids go back to school.

Two years ago Shelly Speelhoffer sent her son Cole to his first day of school. "I didn't anticipate him missing me. I thought he was going to be totally ready for it. That was a shocker for me, was that he was sad to see his routine disrupted so much, and he missed me so much," Speelhoffer said. 

Now it's her daughter Lindsay's turn, and Speelhoffer is already preparing her kids for the first day. "Instead of crazy summer days, normally they're staying up late, watching a little bit more tv and things like that, swimming a lot. So now we're trying to get back to a regular routine. Bedtimes, getting up, I know it sounds like a simple thing, but breakfast," she said. 

Cole, who's now going into second grade, is reading every day, and Lindsay is practicing writing her name before she starts Kindergarten.  School is more than just academics, and Speelhoffer says it's just as important to prepare your kids for the social aspects. "Following instructions, being kind to other students, dealing with problems that are naturally going to come up," she said. 

If a child is heading to school for the first time, parents need to make sure they're up to date on necessary paperwork and immunizations. "Shots are the one thing we have to have before your child can start school," said Della Frya, the LISD Early Childhood Coordinator.

The best advice Speelhoffer can give parents letting their kids go for the first time is to get involved by attending school events, and volunteering in the classroom, and get ready to watch them grow. "When you send them off to school they're learning things so quickly, and you don't realize how fast the years go by," she said.

LISD already started Head Start and pre-k registration. That is going on all this week at Ballenger Early Childhood Center on 40th Street.

For other new students, if you haven't been to your neighborhood school to fill out paper work yet, you need to do that soon. You also need to make sure you have your child's original birth certificate, social security card, and immunization record. You'll also need proof of address, which can be a utility bill, rent receipt, or lease.

District-wide registration day for LISD is August 11th. That's when all schools will be open to help answer any questions parents may have.

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