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Clapp Park Not Going to Be Location For Animal Shelter Due to Concerned Citizens

Earlier this month hundreds of Lubbock residents gathered to share their opinions about the location of a new animal shelter and their concerns have been heard loud and clear.  

On Thursday Mayor Tom Martin and Councilman Todd Klein are meeting with the Animal Shelter Advisory board to discuss locations for the shelter.

"I don't think at this point Clapp Park is a viable opportunity for us.  I think that is just simply off the table.  The citizens in that area have spoken.  I think it's clear there are some reservations about that area," said Klein. 

Klein says the people have spoken and it is clear an animal shelter is not wanted in Clapp Park, he believes some of the initial information residents were given was unclear.

"That we are going to put something in there that is going to smell, that will make noise that will be unsightly might even pose health concerns.  Nothing could be farther from the truth," said Klein.

Klein says a facility, in a good location that will add to the neighborhood and the community is what has always been the idea for a new animal shelter. 

"We want a facility that will last us a good quarter of a century so we want to make sure we do this as a community," said Klein. 

He says the shelter needs to be in a highly populated location.  "Foot traffic is essential to wherever we go. The idea would be that you get a lot of foot traffic into that neighborhood, into that animal shelter so that you would increase your adoption rate and reduce your kill rate," said Klein.    

Councilwoman Linda DeLeon has been against the Clapp Park location from the beginning and encouraged those concerned to speak up about it. 

"It wasn't just Clapp but other neighborhoods were against locating the facility at that location.  So the thanks are owed to the citizens that stepped forward and said that this is not a good idea," said DeLeon. 

Klein says Thursday's meeting will focus on considering the McAlister Park location, which was one of the first proposed spots, but the meeting is also open to hearing different options.

Councilwoman DeLeon says another location she is proposing is the entry way of Mackenzie Park.  She says since the city owns the land, it would be a good option and accessible to the community. 

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