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Healthwise at 5 From 7.31

Lens Light

As many as three million cataract surgeries are performed every year in the U.S., with most patients having to wear glasses or contacts. A breakthrough technology could make eyeglasses obsolete for cataract patients. The technique, still under development, would work like this: a special implanted lens is adjusted with a light beam while inside the eye. Doctors would be able to fine-tune the vision of cataract patients following surgery by adjusting the power of the lens with the light.

Tuna Therapy

Trans urethral needle ablation or TUNA for short provides relief from an enlarged prostate. A study by researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center found the procedure can shrink enlarged prostates more safely than aurgery with few side effects. With the TUNA procedure, a catheter is guided down the urethra and delivers low-level radio frequency energy, eliminating enlarged prostate tissue. Advantages of TUNA: shorter operating times and lower risk of sexual dysfunction.

Men and Testosterone

A new study say men who settle down and start a family have lower levels of testosterone. Researchers at Harvard University measured saliva levels in 58 men who were either married, married with children or single. The decrease in testosterone was greater in the family men than the single guys. For what it's worth, research suggests this means lower testosterone levels makes dads less likely to stray and encourages them to bond with their children

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