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Crosbyton Doctor Gives Advice on Heat Safety

Dr. Steve Alley has been in family practice medicine in Crosbyton for 12 years. He loves the small town atmosphere where he can really get to know his patients. Dr. Alley shares some advice on preventing heat related illnesses because even though young children and the elderly are most at risk, he says heat exhaustion can sneak up on anybody.

Dr. Alley says fluid replacement is one of the keys to prevention if you have to be involved in activity and it is a surprising amount. He recommends that for every 15 minutes of even light physical activity in the heat, you need to replace eight ounces of water. Salt tablets should be avoided. They do not help but can actually make things worse by preventing the absorption of fluids.

People on fluid medications and antihistamines should take special care of their health in the heat as these medications can affect fluid absorption rates, slowing it down.

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