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New Security Lines at Airport

If you are an expert skier, you aren't going to take the bunny slopes. That's the idea behind the newly instated self-select security lanes at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. TSA representatives say the lanes speed up the process for everyone.

If you've ever run late getting to the airport for a flight, you know how stressful getting through baggage and security can be. That's what Vanessa Scioli faced when she arrived at the airport, but a new security process cuts down that stress and the time it took her to get through security screening. "I think it's very, very helpful for people who are on the go all the time, and you just get through quickly, especially if you are late for a flight," said Scioli

The new security process lets flyers pick what lane to go through. The black diamond is for expert travelers, while the green lane is for families or people who need assistance.

Transportation Security Officer, Joe Williamson defines an expert traveler as, "someone that knows the security procedure and has their bags ready with their liquids, gels, and everything prepared before they get to the check point."

The expert travelers aren't the only ones who should see lines move more quickly. TSA has stationed more security staff to help people who aren't as familiar with the rules. That extra assistance helps the line move along as well.

"We're just actually reallocating out staff so that we could focus on a little bit more on the families who need our special assistance, and we're seeing the business travelers or the more experienced travelers just zip through. They know the rules, theyknow the process, they don't need the special assistance that others might need," said TSA spokesperson, Andrea McCauley. 

The black diamond expert lanes started in the Salt Lake City Utah airport in February. Lubbock is one of about 30 airports nationwide using the self-elect security lanes. TSA says most major airports will be using this process within the next year.

Transportation Security Administration
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