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Parks Are Out As Possible Animal Shelter Locations

On Wednesday, NewsChannel 11 was the first to tell you Clapp Park was no longer being considered for a possible animal shelter location. On Thursday, Mayor Tom Martin and Councilman Todd Klein met with the animal services advisory committee to discuss the future of Lubbock's animal shelter. 

Members of the Animal Services Advisory committee were upset at Thursday's meeting. Upset the committee was not told Clapp Park was even being considered as an animal shelter location. They say it was disrespectful and a slap in the face that members had to read about it in the newspaper. 

"Use us, don't take advantage of us," said Annette Chavez a member of the Animal Services Advisory Committee. 

Martin apologized to the committee and says the Clapp Park discussion happened at a meeting with the health board. "I believe at this point the focus is on the future.  I believe the council and I certainly am and I believe the council is interested in them being a full participant in this process," said Martin. 

The mayor stressed to the committee the city council wants them to be involved and wants to hear their input.  "I understand their frustration, they talked about a lot of things that occurred before I was elected and came into office for the first time, and I think its counterproductive to go back and re-hash the past," said Martin. 

"There probably were some communication issues, but again I feel like we got those dissolved and we are all moving forward like we need to be to get this project going," said Animal Services Advisory Committee Larry Phillippe.

The next step is for the committee to brainstorm new location options and bring them to the table. "I feel very confident now that they are going to look very closely into our recommendations and our input into that," said Phillippe.

Ultimately the city council will make the final decision on the future location of the animal shelter. Both the committee and the council will continue to collaborate on this issue. For Your Cell Phone
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