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Frenship ISD Coach Accused in Drug Raid

Late Thursday afternoon NewsChannel 11 received word from the Lubbock Police that they had uncovered a drug operation. When they learned who lived in the back house, near 17th & Vicksburg, even the police were shocked. The man is 29-year-old Ryan Glenn and he's the 7th grade football coach for Frenship Middle School.

This bust really started Wednesday at a Lubbock Post Office. Ryan Glenn and another man went to mail a package and it was their actions that raised concern for the post office clerk.  "The post office opened the package and determined there was a significant amount of what appeared to be illegal narcotics in the package," said Lubbock Police Lt. Roy Bassett.

Bassett was in charge of Thursday afternoon's raid. "One of our really astute patrol officers recognized an opportunity there, went back and spoke with the clerk today and set it up so that they actually called the individual that was trying to mail the package and arranged it so that he would come back to the post office," said Bassett.

Glenn was told he had insufficient postage and when he arrived at the post office he was taken into custody and charged with possession of narcotics.

"We have recovered a significant amount of money, a quantity of hydro-marijuana. It appears that he had at least started a small growing operation in a back room where he had some marijuana plants in a room and there was a significant amount of heroine and we don't see a lot of heroine around here so that was pretty unusual," said Bassett.

And this bust has neighbors in the area concerned. "The guy that lived here is very polite, very nice guy, always very courteous to us when he'd see us. And that he was involved in something of this nature is kind of a shock. You just don't expect it," said neighbor Tom Chadwick. 

"I had no idea that was going on. I'm really horrified." added neighbor Robert Faulk.

Ryan Glenn remains in police custody until he is transferred to the Lubbock County Jail. We are still trying to learn more about the charges Glenn faces. We know he faces felony charges for the possession of heroin, misdemeanor charges for the marijuana and additional charges because the drug operation was taking place in a drug free zone. There could also be federal charges for trying to send an illegal substance through the US Postal Service.

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