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Two Lubbock High Schools Rated Unacceptable

School doesn't start for another three weeks, but it is already report card day. Not for students, but for the schools themselves. The Texas Education Agency released the 2008 school accountability ratings Friday.

Lubbock Independent School District has some good news and some bad news. Overall, they saw eight schools receive the highest rating- exemplary- and 18 schools received a recognized rating. That's more schools in high performing categories than ever before, but two Lubbock high schools didn't quite make the grade.

"We've had a decrease in our unacceptable campuses. We've gone from three to two this year. Never is that going to be a point where we say that's good because you know as well as I do, it's not what we want as a district, and it's not what those campuses want," said L.I.S.D. Superintendent Wayne Havens.

Both Monterey and Estacado high schools moved from an acceptable rating in 2007 to unacceptable in 2008. Now they must create a campus intervention team and develop a school improvement plan. The biggest change these campuses will make is moving from four blocks a day to five. That means students will attend 10 classes instead of eight.

"They'll have math instructions and science instructions everyday, the kids who are behind so that we can help those students to be successful," said Monterey High School Principal, Al Griggs.

Students who need extra instruction will attend more math or science classes. Other students can take more electives. L.I.S.D is confident this will help get those schools back on track.

Havens said, "We've had unacceptable campuses before, and nearly every case it's one year. The next year they're right back where we want them to be."

Other districts in the area also performed well in the accountability ratings. Frenship School District had two exemplary campuses, three recognized, and three acceptable.  This is the best they've ever done. Lubbock-Cooper earned one exemplary rating and two acceptable. For Your Cell Phone
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