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Unexpected House Guests in West Lubbock

The Saturday morning traffic was cruising along West 19th street in Lubbock. And at one home two new residents were moving into the neighborhood.

"They've taken up residency here and they've started building a nest," said homeowner Nancy Ryburn.

Ryburn and her family purchased their home because of the quite backyard with lots of trees and privacy and those same amenities appealed to another type of perspective home owner. ]

"I have two female turkeys in the backyard," said Ryburn.

Sure enough two turkeys moved in around 10a.m. Saturday.

"I was shocked. I saw these large animals in my back yard and I said Sara, come here, come look. And we both ran to the window and she was just as shocked as I was and we immediately went and got the cameras," said Ryburn.

She and her daughter Sara snapped some pictures of their unexpected guests.

"Within two hours they decided that this is where their new home was and that they'd build a nest here, fluffing up all the pine needles and they get down to it and hunker down and you can just barely see their heads in there," Ryburn said.

The turkeys were turning their backyard house into a home, at least until a NewsChannel 11 reporter showed up with his camera. The turkeys soon hopped the wall and were in the ally.

I asked, "Do you think they'll be back?"

Ryburn replied, "Oh I do! I mean they built the nest already and that's a pretty good sign that they were enjoying the yard."

Lubbock animal services says, turkey calls are rare, but they are happening more and more often.

And for all you animal lovers out there, Ryburn has called The South Plains Wild Life Rehab Center to have the turkeys picked up and taken to a more suitable home.

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