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The Roll-Away Hose: Does It Work?

The Roll-Away Hose is a garden hose that is lighter in weight than the average rubber hose. This compact garden hose reel kit includes a quick connect attachment for the outside faucet and two handy spray nozzles. No more tangles is what the makers claim with their lightweight product. But I wanted to see it in action first before I believed any of that!

I stopped in Sonny's Feed Store and Nursery where we found Karen Brown to help me do the test. Karen stretched out the 50 foot hose and we were ready to go. First, I noticed the connection was not tight enough, "See, it's leaking."

Next, it was difficult to roll the hose up on the reel because it was twisted all up and full of water. So, Karen and I worked out the kinks and emptied out the hose with our hands and it did roll up in the reel once you straightened it out good, but I wasn't quite satisfied with the test. After driving up and down some of Browfield's finest residential streets, I found Loyd Yowell. He was more than willing to help me out. Loyd found the hose to be easy to use. "That will get you wet in a hurry right there," he said.

Don't you hate it when your hose bends and the water quits flowing? Well, since I had a second chance to test the Roll-Away Hose, I definitely wanted to see if this happened. It passed!

Meanwhile, Loyd tried out the other water nozzle. "What am I supposed to do?" I do want to mention, there were no instructions to explain how to operate each nozzle, so I had to wing it, so to speak. So, I stepped in to see if I could help out. After giggling the nozzle to get it working, the hose came apart and water went everywhere! All over me, all over Loyd, and all over everything else. "We just broke it!"

That just showed us the hose was not very durable. "If you spent $20 on it and it did this to you, what would you think?", I asked Loyd. He said, "I'd say 'where's that dad-gum salesman at."

No question in my mind, the Roll-Away Hose does not work

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